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Hexald Base

Dovige Scenery

  • $20.00

  • This product cannot ship outside of North America. If you are located elsewhere, please contact Dovige Scenery.

Build Easily and quickly an urban district with our Dovige Connection System (DCS). All the elements of the collection have been tested by and for players, taking into account heights and widths of bases and miniatures. Immerse yourself in a futuristic world full of incredible angles and heights to give your games another level.

Initial element of the Hexald range. With this model you can expand a small colonization detachment or a city of huge sizes. Thanks to its hexagonal design you can generate new angles for your games, new lines of vision and new challenges. Thanks to its lateral and upper notches, you can expand this basic element upwards and towards its 6 ends easily and quickly. The two stairs included in this element will add more volume to the building, new covers and a wide way to access the top for all miniature sizes.


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