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Awesome bottles of hobby glue perfect for hobby and miniature assembly. Cyanoacrylate is also known as CA Glue or Superglue.

Maxi-Cure (Extra Thick, similar to "Gel" superglues) is for when you need maximum hold and don't mind a little bit of extra bulk in the consistency of the glue. This is not recommended for small miniatures, but works great for basing, attaching miniatures to bases, gap filling, and terrain construction. It is especially recommend for MDF terrain assembly, since thinner glues will be absorbed into the wood faster and provide less hold.

Insta-Cure+ (Medium Thickness) is perfect for most hobby modeling and miniature assembly. This glue does not have any of the "Gel", stays thin and dries quickly. Insta-Cure+ is recommended for most miniature assembly.

Insta-Cure (Extra Thin) is for when you need to glue two smooth surfaces together. This glue gets the maximum holding strength but is so thin that it will only work when your surfaces are flush. As such, it is a good choice for plastic models, and repair work. Insta-Cure is most definitely not recommended for use with MDF.

Insta-Set (Accelerant) is used to cause CA glue to set instantly on contact with minimal or no waiting. This product requires another Superglue and causes it to dry (set) faster. This is perfect for when you are having trouble holding the parts together without movement that can prevent them from setting. (the most common cause of superglue not "holding". It can also be used for gap-filling.

Un-Cure (Debonder) is used to dissolve and change Superglue back into a liquid allowing you to clean up excess dried glue or disassemble a model.

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