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KDM Gear Grid

Scorched Earth Terrain

  • $50.00

  • This product cannot ship outside of North America. If you are located elsewhere, please contact Scorched Earth Terrain.

In the darkness of Kingdom Death, you need all the things!

This MDF and Acrylic Gear Grid is designed to protect your gear cards (with or without sleeves), not only during the game, but between sessions. The design features an integrated lid to keep your cards in pristine condition and a place to write your survivors name (at least until their inevitable, horrible death).

The gear grid base part is MDF or acrylic with a clear acrylic "lid" to keep it all safe.

These v2.1 Gear Grids (MDF or Acrylic) can easily be assembled at home. Superglue (CA) will frost the acrylic, but all glue can be applied to the back side where it will not be visible. I recommend the BSI Insta-Set accelerant for minimal frosting.

This product can only ship to North America. Customers elsewhere should order directly from Scorched Earth.

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