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Designer Notes

This page is intended to help design to Every Little War specifications. This page will be updated over time, to help you make the most of our services.

Designing for Laser Cutting


We have, at this time:

  • Wood (MDF) at 3.0mm thick.
  • PMMA (Acrylic, Plexiglass, Perspex)
    • 3.0mm thick in a variety of colors
    • 1.5mm thick in Clear only
    • 1.5mm diameter Clear Rod
    • 3.0mm diameter Clear Rod
  • Chipboard Pads (fiberboard, recycled paper product)
    • .020in
    • .022in (0.55mm)
    • .050in (1.27mm)
  • HIPS (Plasticard), White Opaque
    • 0.5mm
    • 1.0mm
    • 1.5mm
  • PET (Polyester Film, Mylar), Milky White
    • 10mil (.25mm)
  • PETG (thin, flexible plastic, clear only)
    • .020in (0.5mm)
    • .040in (1.0mm)
  • Magnets
    • 4.75mm diameter by 1.7mm tall disc (3/16" x 1/16")
    • 3mm diameter by 3mm tall cylinder
    • 6mm diameter by 3mm tall cylinder
    • 3mm diameter by 2mm tall disc
  • Wood Dowel, 0.125" (3.2mm)
  • "button" rivets like X-Wing dial hubs
    • 7mm diameter central axis
    • 12mm diameter button cap
    • fits 6-12mm thickness of material


Lines and Colors

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