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Can Tower Set Bundle

Promethium Forge

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This is the easy choice. The Can Tower Terrain Set includes all the terrain you see in the photos. It's an easy way to start a table, or add to an existing one. And the package deal saves you some cash. This terrain set includes everything you see in the photos. It's all stackable and modular. You could set up each tower on its own, or link the entire set together into a huge complex. Once the pieces are slotted together, the whole structure could be lifted with one hand.

Cans are not provided - you'll need twelve 12 oz. aluminum cans.

This terrain is built to a 5" per story scale, so it fits perfectly with other terrain you might already own.

Included are the following:

These pieces would be $115 if purchased individually.

The wooden parts assemble with wood glue, or Cyanoacrylate (super glue.)  A bit of sand paper or a hobby knife will help to smooth out the edges.

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