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KDM Player Console


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This product contains small parts and small rare earth magnets, so is not suitable for young children.

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The main purpose of the grid is to cut down on paper/token based admin, a feat that is achieved by following configuration:

Another benefit, that this grid serves as an easy persistent storage for gear grids: no need to push back cards any more to box/card holders. You can just keep the gears in the grid until the next play night.


The main idea is to keep permanent stats on paper (like base Strength, Accuracy, etc), but everything that is "transient" (e.g. tokens, gear-provided stats) are reflected in dials. 

We usually use this so that when survivors depart, every player sets first the permanent attributes, survival and insanity (these are recorded on character sheet) and also the armor on each hit locations. Then attributes further modified by "transient" values coming mostly from gear affinities and power. When hunt/showdown is ongoing and someone receives a +/- token, we just adjust the dials. Survival/Insanity is updated back to character sheets once per session at most, but if same characters will be used next time, even this is not necessary. 

This way character sheet is used only for recording fighting arts, disorders and permanent abilities, which is not so frequent. An full-page character sheet can be kept on top of the grid (or under it), so this grid is the entire space needed for a character.


The magnets should be glued into the dials and board with the same polarity (direction) for all magnets, preferably by using epoxy glue. Then the dials can be clicked into place (after the epoxy has dried) by matching the logos on the dials. My preferred setup is the following