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Kingdom Death Settlement and Hunt Board


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This board will allow you to store and track all of your Settlement Cards (Principles, Innovations, and Locations) as well as track your hunt. Easily lets you move the Settlement Phase and Hunt Phase aside and get back to the Encounter as quickly as possible.

The "Innovation" variation has the text removed from the Hunt part of the board so that it is blank and the "Hunt Board" text replaced with "Innovations". Ideal for use displaying your settlement's Innovations.

This product is large, and requires careful handling and special shipping. Acrylics are brittle and will require special glue to avoid frosting. We recommend Acrylic Cement like SCIGRIP #16 or a PVA Glue like Elmer's White Glue. Please be careful, dry fit everything to ensure that you've got it right, and PRACTICE using Acrylic Cement on scrap material from shipping.

This product is large and bulky and may not be able to ship with other products. If it is necessary to split shipping, we will contact you by email. This product does not qualify for free shipping.

This item will ship to North America only. In the EU/UK, please order from xelaser. In Australia or Asia, please order from Scorched Earth.

Kingdom Death: Monster is a product of Adam Poots Games, LLC.

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