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Lithos VII Pattern Boarding Torpedo

Scorched Earth Terrain

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Lithos VII Pattern Boarding Torpedo

Originally used to develop deep infrastructure for the developing mega cities of planetary colonization programs, it did not take long for the assault potential of these devices to be developed. Development contracts are cutthroat affairs and helping in the 'industrial accidents' of competitors is an expedient way to get a new contract.

As the conflicts escalated, the mining tunnelers were converted to carry troops and weapons. Quickly, the potential of these systems were noted for use in unconventional environments, such as space.................

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In development for six months, our first detailed model. We are really proud of this kit. Click 'shop now' to be a part of Scorched Earth history.

This is an MDF and card 28mm model of the Lithos VII pattern boarding torpedo. It comprises the body of the torpedo and six modular pods, one engine pod and five troop pods (allowing for up to 25 troops). The torpedo is ideal as an objective or terrain in 28mm wargames.

The doors of the troop pods are fully articulated and able to be displayed open or closed.

The model comprises 292 parts and is 88 x 61 x 350mm (doors closed) or 88 x 103 x 350mm (doors open).

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