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Objective Pods


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  • This product cannot ship outside of North America. If you are located elsewhere, please contact NEMA.

Grab the objective, or play keep-away from the enemy forces!  The top acrylic piece can be removed and placed next to a unit to indicate the objective has been retrieved. These 40mm Objectives are perfect for any sci-fi miniatures games and are available in bundles of either 4 or 8 pods.

Pods are unassembled MDF wood kits and include an Acrylic Tri-axis top panel. Acrylic Deathmatch Tokens sold separately, or as part of the Deathmatch Bundle. Each token has a different type of weapon or equipment engraved onto it.

Designed for use with the Infinite Deathmatch scenario rules for Infinity, written by Every Little War.

Infinity is a trademark of Corvus Belli S.L.L.

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