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Sci-Fi Cargo Ship

Laser Army Scenery

  • $120.00

  • This product cannot ship outside of North America. If you are located elsewhere, please contact Laser Army Scenery.


Cabin Tower (Instructions)

  • Available in MDF or Mirror Acrylic 
  • 200mm tall, wide, and long
  • Rises almost 12 inches off the table when placed on top of a hull section.

Prow/Stern (Instructions)

  • About 250mm wide and 300mm long.
  • About 100mm tall at the railing 

Keel (Instructions)

  • About 250x300mm
  • 62mm high at the railing 

Full Ship Bundle (unloaded)

  • Includes 1 Cabin, 3 keel hull sections, and 1 Prow
  • Almost 48 inches long and 12 wide!

Full Ship Bundle (loaded)

  • Same as above, but with an extra 7 large shipping crates, 3 medium crates, and 4 smaller crates.

This product ships only to North America. 

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